In this section of the website you will find all contents created with UNREAL ENGINE 4 (https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/) a powerful and versatile graphics engine with which you can create video games and fantastic set-designs. UNREAL ENGINE 4 is a free software complete with many free scenographic contents (called assets) with which you can build level designs in which to set games or cinematic sequences; you can therefore insert 3D models created on your own, purchased or models from QUIXEL (https://quixel.com/), a company specialized in 3D scans of real objects for virtual environments. In cinematic shots, real actors can play using Green Screen sets or Led Walls, (curved screens that live-broadcast virtual set-designs with assets and lights that can be modified in real-time through Virtual Production tools). Next step is to let MetaHuman virtual actors play in virtual set-designs, by using the METAHUMAN (https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/digital-humans) application, which allows you to create and animate characters with incredible realism.


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Want to know more about The Wild Spirits project?


The Wild Spirits is a narrative universe not currently bound to any external production by choice. It has grown and expanded dramatically since it began in 2012; even if companies from videogames or cinema industry were attracted by promotional videos, yet it intends to grow side by side with the Unreal Engine technology. 

About characters from The Wild Spirits novels

The Wild Spirits saga tells of nomads mercenaries (belonging to all ethnic groups of mankind, suitably to be represented with the MetaHuman application) known for being the only ones brave enough to face dragons, monsters and creatures from the Wild Lands of Asha, formerly venerated and considered sacred such a creepy “purifying wind” even when they attacked villages and innocent lives; creatures that represent the first step towards a dark and insidious magical world: though the Lands of Asha are inhabited by intelligent evolutions of animal species we know other than mammalia (birds, reptiles, amphibia, insects; all those creatures generated by mysterious magical contaminations), those lands also therefore mysteriously generated strange other monsters and creatures with wich the Wild Spirits must fight to defend the population.

About the novels

The events of the Cycle of the Wild Spirits (Book One and Book Two) specifically evolve around the legend of the Knights of Asha (ancient founders of the Order of the Knight of Asha that nowdays reigns over all the Lands of Asha) and the theft of their heritage, by a dark enemy, that has the form of ancient magical relics of the mysterious powers that can both forge the energetical and technological future of inhabited continents, relics that a Wild Spirit named Mohegan and his companions will have to find before the enemy use their power in the wrong way: this is the way all the novels touch upon very current issues such as multiracialism and renewable energies, through accurately inserted analogies in the fantasy setting.


The Unreal Engine, MetaHuman and Quixel technologies are the best tools to create the first high-quality booktrailers ever made in Italian and international publishing industry and to bring fantasy narrative to life.